We are the team of analysts, who decided to create a project that will let us share our activity on digital currency markets with our subscribers. The main goal of this service was to limit users to a total number of 100. We value our services a lot and we believe they are luxurious. Hence, we want to share them with people, who had the opportunity to get to know the market and they are aware of the investment. We don’t like hesitation, we respect resolution. Our intent is to help, and this channel is a small addition to our activity. We will consecutively share each and every move we make on exchanges and inform users about cryptocurrencies we buy and every position we target, which will later on be the goal of our investment.

You are not going to learn our names after purchasing access because you got nothing out of this. However, you will learn how we operate on the exchange, you will get to know our analysis and our activity. These information will certainly occur to be helpful and they will present you opportunity to make profits. Remember that the number of places in our group is strictly limited. In case of no available places, joining the group will be impossible. If you wish to ensure this place, do not forget to extend the access. You can also purchase for the limitless access. This is the most effective option, but at the same time the most limiting one.

Each of the users receives our signals through Telegram communicator. It is necessary to collect and use our signals.


Down below we present you packages with access to our luxurious club. In order to join, pick one of them and pay according to the information. After making a successful purchase please be patient, you will receive further instruction via e-mail you provide us in payment form. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than 2 hours.

If you wanna pay directly using btc, ltc or eth wallet contact us via e-mail.

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Check results achieved in previous months of our activities. Each result is real and was calculated based on our signals delivered via channel on the Telegram.

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Follow our instructions and join our Luxury Club. Complete all the actions we've described on the right.

If you will have any other questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail: U@LUXURYCRYPTO.CLUB


Choose one of the packages, make a payment and follow the instructions in the payment window. After receiving all the required information from you, we will grant you access to the Club.


We will give you full instructions on how to get started. If you have not used the Telegram application yet, we will explain how to use it.


After joining our Club, just start earning money on the cryptocurrency exchange. From now on you have an insight into all our signals.

LuxuryCryptoClub - SUBSCRIBTION

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2. Make a payment to the above address

3. Send us screenshot or transaction id
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